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What are Travel Trailers?

Travel trailer make up the majority of the towable sales, and for good reason. Travel trailers are large trailers towed completely behind the tow vehicle and are hitched to the back of the tow vehicle. These vehicles can be anything that has enough power and torque to pull the trailer. Depending on the size, a travel trailer can be towed with a 6-cylinder sedan, a 1/2 ton pick-up, an SUV, or even a minivan. Travel trailers are also popular due to their improved fuel economy. The biggest factor in towing is the front cross section of the trailer. A travel trailer has a lower profile than a 5th wheel, so they tend to average 2-3mpg over fifth wheels.

Skyline Ultra-Lite Travel Trailers

Skyline Ultra-Lite RV's combine aerodynamics and light weight construction techniques to produce a "tow friendly" travel trailer without sacrificing quality or integrity. Our lightest weight travel trailers that can be towed by a van, small SUV, or light duty truck. While extremely light in weight, it abounds in comfort and convenience.One test tow, and you'll understand what aerodynamics can do to improve gas mileage and overall towing satisfaction. Visit your local Skyline RV dealer to see the all new Ultra-Lite recreational vehicle products.

Travel Trailer Advantages

  • They tend to be less expensive and hold value longer.
  • They have more living space then traditional pop-ups.
  • Because they require a tow vehicle, you can leave the RV and take the tow vehicle on short runs.
  • It is usually the motorized vehicle that needs repair, so if the tow vehicle is in the shop, you still can live in the RV.